Our services include: engineering design services including modeling, prototyping, animations and drawing generation. Software design and development services, IOT monitoring services, renewable energy solution services, and dashboard development services

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Securing our customers as quickly as possible from the latest cyber threats and attacks. Once secure we maintain that level of security for our customers through prevention mechanisms that have been proven by our cyber-security experts.

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Our intellectual property services include patent research, developing Invention Disclosure Forms (IDF's), submitting them and working through the back and forth process to get the patent approved and rewarded bu the USPTO.

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Since 1993

Welcome to Flovisco

Flovisco is a professional organization which provides effective and efficient engineering, software, IT and management solutions that are environmentally friendly, and sustainable in design.

Core Services

  • Engineering
    • Engineering Design Services
    • Renewable Energy Solution Services
    • Software Development/IT Services
    • Customer Connection Dashboard Services
    • IOT Monitoring
  • Cyber-security
    • Threat detection and prevention
    • Vulnerability analysis
    • Penetration Testing
  • Intellectual Property Services
    • IDF Development
    • Filing Patent
    • Obtaining Patent

We ensure that each service provided to our customers fully meets their desired expectations. We do this through our customer connection dashboard, which helps bridge the gap between Flovisco and our customers ensuring optimal performance and sustainability.

Flovisco constantly monitors and values customer feedback, ensuring the usability of its solutions, and is regularly modifying and upgrading to newer more efficient solutions. This helps Flovisco establish a long-term relationship with its customers and helps our customers maximize their value through the products and services they provide.

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